1st degree Reiki

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To Learn Reiki  

Because of the simplicity of Reiki everyone can learn to make a living connection with this natural force. The basis is a daily practice of self-treatment, which gives you a lifelong opportunity to create time for yourself every day. Time in which you allow Reiki to bring your entire system into balance. Time to stop and think about where your attention goes. Time to become aware of the scope of your human being. The richness of five precepts, which are presented to you in a first degree Reiki class, can give lifelong insights about who you are and what you can do in this life to make yourself and others happy and satisfied.

A 1st degree Reiki class

consists of four lessons of about three hours, on four days in a row. Every day there is a lesson, you start practicing what you have learned and there is an initiation ritual.

* history of Reiki;
* Reiki self-treatment;
* what Reiki is and what Reiki can do for you;
* giving a Reiki treatment to others;
* extra attention for the completion of a Reiki treatment;
* specific positions for certain complaints; 
* treatment for chronic diseases and after accidents; 
* five precepts;
* Usui Shiki Ryoho, a spiritual art of healing.


Together we practice the Reiki self-treatment and giving a treatment to others, the spinal stroke and specific positions.


You receive a total of four initiations, that give you access to a lifelong, living connection with Reiki. This is an ability that you will never lose.

After the Reiki Class

You can join a Reiki circle every last Friday of the month, from 7.30pm – 10.30pm. You will then have the opportunity to ask questions, share experiences and practice what you have learned with other Reiki students. Contribution: € 15.-- per evening

Upon Request

Rebecca Bredenhof also gives Reiki classes at other locations in the Netherlands and beyond. Your living room can be a good location as well. Possibly in English or with a good translator in other languages. In this way, Rebecca has given Reiki classes in Turkish and Portuguese.

Interested? Give me a call and we will make an arrangement together.

Data: Thursday 11 until Sunday 14 July - with Rebecca Bredenhof
Times: Each day 9.30am - 12.30pm
Register:  registration form

Investment € 180,- (including 21% VAT)