Rebecca's story

my new passion

'Thís I want to learn', was the first thing I deeply felt when I read in 2006 an article about Healing the Family Tree with Reiki (HFT). Family constellations had already fascinated me for several years and now it turned out that I could also work on the family soul with Reiki. It was immediately clear to me that I wanted to learn from the woman who had developed this in a long process of healing for herself and her students. My desires were intense and everything cooperated to realize it. In September 2007 Marta Getty started her first workshop HFT in The Netherlands and it was at my own Reiki centre!

 I have worked with HFT for five years under guidance of Marta, in groups as well as personal work. The last years, I gave workshops independently to second degree students who wanted to explore HFT. To complete my 'training' as a teacher of Healing the Family Tree with Reiki, I assisted Marta at the end of 2012 in her first HFT group in Germany. In the many weeks Marta stayed with me, I not only learned much about HFT from her during the group work, but also during our daily talks, which are always full of humour. She is great in recognizing patterns in family trees. I could not have wished for a better teacher and feel enriched that Marta ‘just’ came into my life.

Working with HFT creates fascinating experiences for me. I have more and more understanding about bonding, since in the deepest part of my cells I carry the history of generations. So beautiful, because I am never truly alone ! My reactions to events in my life do not only have to do with me, but for a large part with persons and events from former generations. Even though I knew this, now I truly feel it. Rationally I cannot completely fathom it, but I just experience now that every family member, dead or alive, always is important. Each place in the family tree needs to be honoured. Simply by acknowledging the person as a part of my roots.

I have known for a long time that true healing does not come from a doctor’s medicine, but working with my family tree makes me realize how complex true healing really is and how wonderful! I am só grateful that Reiki came into my life! With the gifts of the second degree in Reiki I have the tools to practice deep healing, also on the level of former generations. So I have a choice now:     

Do I keep bearing or do I contribute on a solution?

In my family’s history there has been, as in most families, a lot of suffering. Now I can see that this has created patterns that are repeated, generation after generation. In my Reiki years I found a lot of healing, and now I see that all the pieces are part of a much larger healing work, erasing the painful family programming from my cells. I was and still am prepared to commit myself to this great work, for myself, my children, grandchildren and future generations. I have believed for years now in the thinking of old wise cultures: we carry responsibility for the seven generations that come after ours. Now the work of Bert Hellinger and Marta Getty teaches me to acknowledge that we also are a seventh generation, so we ARE the history of our ancestors.

Rebecca Bredenhof
July 2013