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with Rebecca Bredenhof

Money is one of the nine elements of the Reiki system that I have been practicing for over 25 years. In the beginning I found it quite strange that money was part of a healing art and even more strange that it belonged to a spiritual practice. Nevertheless, over the years I became increasingly fascinated by this very element. Sometimes I see a glimpse of what it could mean if we do not see money as an economic value, but rather learn its spiritual value. For perhaps the element of Money in my Reiki tradition has to do with a spiritual value that is similar to what I read years ago:

An agreement between two people must result in the greatest profit
for the one in relation to the biggest profit for the other,
and the smallest possible loss for the universe.

In order to find answers to questions that this rule raises in me, I started to explore our convictions about money together with other people. And as expected many of these convictions are passed on generation by generation. Also in our Reiki family tree. Convictions that keep us from a spiritual experience of Money.


The aim of this workshop is to look at money in relation to your family tree and your Reiki family tree. So how are you rooted in money? What convictions about money come from your family tree and which events have led to these convictions? How is money rooted in your Reiki family tree? And are there any similarities between both family trees? During six weeks we will heal the reflections of this through an HFT group process.

See the experiences of participants at the bottom of this page.

For whom?

For everyone from the 2nd Reiki Degree who has previously followed a basic HFT workshop. Your time investment is one distance treatment per day plus an e-mail exchange once a week. And of course your daily self-treatment to support the change in your cells.

Dates: new dates to follow

Experiences of participants:

During the workshop I became more aware of how many convictions there are in families about money; convictions that often block us from reaching full potential. Furthermore, during the treatments, it became clear to me that issues relating to money for me usually have to do with recognition, appreciation, love. Fear of receiving too little can be transformed into trust / surrender.
André Broos

My mother was during her pregnancy of me really in panic, because there was no money. Healing your family Tree with Reiki give me the insight that I carry her thoughts and panic about money in my cells. Later on I get the insight that this way of thinking is linear; money is tangible and there is never enough. The treatments during the HFT and Money process two years ago, teach me that there is always enough for me. Not always on the moment that I like it.....but certainly always when I need it. I am much more creative now and all the anxiety and the fear about money is gone. The workshop let me grow more and more in regenerative thinking. That makes me a creative and free person.
Willemijn Leedekerken-van den Berg

In essence HFT and Money has given me the realization that it is my path to connect with the spiritual line of the women in my family tree. I feel stronger now that I have connected with Reiki and am grateful that I am alive. When I connect with that feeling, I become happy, I feel joy and freedom. And I can open myself and feel complete.
Bernadette Gulickx

During this workshop I became aware of the impact of childhood experiences on my view of Money in the present. Much has already been healed, and I can now look back with love on what has been.
Christina Spies