Our potential and our body

Workshop with Laurence Fontaine Flag - NL - 50-32


Just as a plant allows its full growing power, nature also calls us to blossom. To let our potential life force flow fully through our body.

Our body can, however, also limit us in living to our full potential. Our personal, social and family history result in physical blockages that obstruct our ability to grow and develop. They are often unconscious, however, these physical blockages are powerful messengers. If we learn to recognize the language of our body, we can use these signals for our personal growth. In this workshop, Laurence Fontaine leads us to discover how we can potentially use a larger part of ourselves through bodywork, breathing techniques and Reiki.

Questions that are addressed are:

  • What unconscious messages does our body give us?
  • How is our movement inhibited?
  • What is stopping us from being in our power, from fully breathing and being?
  • How does it feel when we unlock our full potential?


foto Laurence 2

Laurence Fontaine (Mexico) is a psychotherapist,somatic (body work) and systemic therapist, and 20 years of Reiki Master. 


Location: Reikicentrum Zijn
Date: 29 March 2020
Tijd: 9.30 am - ± 4.30 pm, walk in from 9 am
Investment: € 125,- 
Registration: via registration form

Bring your own lunch, we provide coffee, tea, soup. English-Dutch translator present.